Our center practices the authentic Tomatis method, as described by Tomatis himself. Professor Tomatis, in his book The Conscious Ear (1991) (Appendix A), urges caution when using the numerous “variations of the Tomatis Method” and alternative techniques of sound stimulation. He outlines the principles of the authentic Tomatis method as follows:

  1.  The Tomatis Method will be supervised by a professional trained and certified (certification is renewed annually) by Dr. Tomatis.
  2. The Tomatis Method includes a specific battery of diagnostic procedures, ongoing supervision and progress evaluation by certified professionals.
  3. Users of the Tomatis Method employ the most advanced electronic equipment which meets current standards established by Dr. Tomatis. This equipment includes specially modified headsets and play-back machines linked directly with an Electronic Ear.
  4. The Tomatis Method consists of both active (singing, speaking, reading) exercises as well as passive ones (listening to tapes). These active exercises, carefully monitored, are essential for long-term improvement.
  5. The Tomatis Method includes both individual and family counseling as an integral part of the intervention.
  6. The application of the Tomatis Method in North America has been geared toward developing and improving listening, language and communication skills in persons with normal hearing as a primary goal. Beware of any claims which suggest the “curing” of hearing disorders and “restoration of hearing loss”.
  7. The Tomatis Method’s efficacy and beneficial effects are supported by a growing body of systematic documentation and scientific research evaluation.
  8. A group version of the Tomatis Method is used by school boards and private schools in Canada, the United States and Mexico. Through this Tomatis School Program for schools, the authentic Method is made available to hundreds of children each year at no direct cost to their families. (see related video).

            There are numerous associations of professionals who practice the Tomatis method in many countries, which aim                   at maintaining the standards of practice of the method as it was taught by professor Tomatis.