In order to stay young, you need to know how to grow older.

We have the same age as our ears.

Whereas we care for a child before, during and after its birth, we are not similarly concerned with the adult person who enters old age, according to Professor Tomatis.

Otolaryngologists know that hearing naturally declines with age, in some people more than in others, possibly because of genetic causes. What Tomatis stressed is that another important function of the ear is brain activation. The human ear is in reality a wonderful dynamo, which does exactly the same thing as the dynamo to the battery of a car: it charges. It supplies the brain and the body with the energy needed for a person to reach his or her maximum potential. The Electronic Ear, via the mechanism of conditioning and with the support of a rich material of specially processed CD (filtered or unfiltered), trains the ear of people of all ages to obtain the desirable properties of an ear that activates the brain, decodes and communicates, so that we can all have the same age as our ears.