Prenatal exposure to environmental stress has been related to increased risk for a variety of disorders, including autistic disorders, schizophrenia, perinatal complications, low postnatal tolerance for stress, etc.

The most archaic experiences are related to experiences acquired in the womb. The ear of the embryo-fetus sets the ground for the organization of emotional processes early in life. The fetus in the womb can hear his/her mother’s voice by bone conduction, which is distinct from the other sounds in the amniotic environment, or from external sounds on the abdominal wall. It is the mother’s voice that influences all subsequent emotional experiences and prepares the ground for the acquisition of the child’s mother tongue. The sound of the mother’s voice travels from the larynx through the spinal column to the ear of the growing baby. When the mother reads, speaks, or sings to her baby, the baby perceives the intonation pattern and the frequencies of his or her mother tongue via bone conduction.

The ear begins to function by the 16th week of pregnancy and after the 24th week the fetus begins to actively listen and to move in rhythm to the mother’s speech. The mother’s voice is of major importance to the fetus, because it establishes the first patterns of the mother tongue and emotional bonding.

From the beginning of his career in audio-psycho-phonology, professor Tomatis was preoccupied about how he could “enter the amniotic sac” in order to provide a healthy intra-uterine environment to the fetus so that he could prevent all the dysfunctions that could stem from this period. Having suffered as a fetus himself, he had increased motivation to create “Nine months in paradise”, as he called one of the many books he wrote, and not in hell. And he succeeded. The pregnancy program with the Electronic Ear, which has as recipient the ear of the fetus through the body of the mother, by bone conduction, energizes the fetus.

The pregnancy program begins during the third trimester of pregnancy. It consists of two cycles, a cycle of 15 two-hour sessions (at least 3 times a week), which lasts 5 weeks, and a second cycle of 8 two-hour sessions (also 3 times a week), which lasts 2 ½ weeks. The mother sits comfortably on a couch and wears the special headphones, with the vibrator positioned in the center of the scalp, which are connected to the Electronic Ear. The program starts from the 5th month of gestation because it is after that time that the ear is ontogenetically complete and can listen to the mother’s voice via bone conduction, when she reads stories inside a special cabin, talks to her fetus, sings, and with the spine as a means of transmission of her speech, targets the ear of the fetus.