Learning difficulties

A large number of elementary, secondary and even high-school students display learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, difficulty in understanding mathematical concepts, difficulty in written language, etc. Learn More

Attention disorders

Attention disorders are frequent causes of school failure. According to Tomatis, difficulties in sustained attention result from reduced brain activation. Learn More

Emotional disorders

As the ear is the main channel for the transmission of sensory messages from the human body, it plays a key role
in emotional function. Learn More

Communication, speech and language disorders

Disorders of speech, language and communication involve some degree of dysfunction of auditory perception, auditory decoding, or auditory memory. Learn More

Programmes for musicians, singers, actors

The Tomatis method has its origins in the treatment of the singing voice. As an otorhinolaryngolosist, professor Tomatis worked in the field of phoniatry early in his career. Learn More

Prenatal programme

Prenatal exposure to environmental stress has been related to increased risk for a variety of disorders, including autistic disorders, schizophrenia, perinatal complications, low postnatal tolerance for stress, etc.Learn More

Preparation for learning a foreign language

Although starting to learn a foreign language at a young age is advantageous, learning a foreign language
can take place at any age.Learn More

Sound therapy for older people

While we care for a child before, while and after its birth, we are not similarly concerned with the adult person who enters old age, according to Professor Tomatis.Learn More