An auditory intervention in an individual with severe head injury

Theoni Evangelopoulou
The diagnostic process of Audio-Psycho-Phonology (APP) includes a detailed history and an examination of the person using the “psycho-listening test” (PLT), the specialized diagnostic tool of APP. In the case of the severe head injury, presented in the following section, the medical history of the person was emphasized and a detailed neuropsychological examination was conducted by a specialist.

The PLT measures the capability of the ear of an individual to listen, in other words to become aware of the sound emitted by the apparatus and to provide the correct response. It measures active listening or conscious hearing. It also provides information concerning the pathology of hearing, although this is done in order to refer the person to an ENT specialist for a pure-tone audiogram. The PLT apparatus has a different calibration from a standard pure-tone audiogram and requires a different administration; as a result, the qualitative information that it […]

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